School Sisters of Notre Dame Bulletin Board

                                        (Updated on April 26, 2015)


The former Shishigatani Convent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, presently a building of the Notre Dame Junior and Senior High School, was renovated and newly reborn as Eugenia Hall.
  Shishigatani Convent is the first convent built in 1949 after the School Sisters of Notre Dame were sent to Japan in 1948.

 At first, it was only a Japanese house called Wachu’an.  But gradually Japanese vocations increased and it became too small, so it was enlarged in 1960.

 In the olden days, Masses were offered here and many Sisters gathered here for morning and evening prayer in this chapel.


Sisters received their religious habits here in this chapel and started their training.  Those Sisters who made their vows were sent to the missions, such as the elementary school, university, Okinawa, etc. 

 Since 2013, it became a facility of Notre Dame Jogakuin Junior and Senior High School.  Plans were taken to enable it suitable for richer educational activities.  Renovation of Eugenia Hall and the Tea House were begun.  Here were held the dedication of the chapel and blessing ceremony of the building.

 The altar and cross in the front are as they were before.  The ceiling was renewed and made earthquake-proof; and stained-glass windows were added.


 This is the scene that tells of “Blessed Mary’s visit to Elizabeth.”  This passage of the Bible surely speaks much to the girls who are going to become mothers.  A gentle light brightens the renovated chapel.


  It seems the breath of many people are telling the spirit of Notre Dame and wish to “know to be loved, to cultivate hearts of love, and know the joy of serving one another” as they look down at the students gathered there from far and near.

   The green young leaves seen from the third floor windows are vivid in their bright colors, adding beauty and serenity to the surroundings.

 Other places of the building will be introduced in future issues on his website.  A big cake was prepared on the table of the tea party.

Thank you for your interest. We are grateful to all Notre Dame members of the past and in the future.