Entrance Ceremony of Notre Dame Junior and Senior High School    Monday, April7th, 2014

Crossing over the irrigation canal under the dancing cherry blossoms gently falling from the trees, the freshmen in their brand-new uniforms walked up the slope with their parents to ND Junior/Senior High School.



At 9:30 a.m., they filed into the auditorium for the entrance ceremony which began with the singing of the school song.

 Ms. Yoshiko Kurimoto, Principal of the School greeted the freshmen with her words of welcom.

"I am sincerely happy to welcome each of you as a member of the Notre Dame Family. You are invited to discover and learn various things together and to mature in this Notre Dame Home."


 Each new student received the school badge as they were welcomed by student representatives. The freshmen then took part with gratitude in the "prayer service."


 May each precious life given by God shine brightly and spread its light throughout the world.

 May they continue daily study with joy in order to realize their ideals and dreams that stretch out through the universe.

We prayed together that Mary, Our Lady, be always our protector.