SSND Introduction of a Member's Ministry
                                           (Updated March 3rd, 2014)
   The School Sisteres of Notre Dame continue in a variety of ministries by accepting change of occupation and place so as to continue to make known God's Limitless beauty and mercy.
      They make fresh new starts and encounters wherever they go.
         We give praise to God as we journey with God's people.

           A parish activity

 Sr. Antoinette Kondo continues her active ministry in the Shiga prefecture at the Otsu Catholic Church and its affiliated Seibo Kindergarten. She is a participant in the "Mission of the Collaborative Ministry for Religious Sisters.

  What she does

   On Friday, February 22nd, I attended the 10 o'clock mass and took my place seated around the altar with the others as we prayed.


Bible study begins at 11:00. We ponder and share our reflections on various issues from the "Teachings of the Catholic Church." Some also select and discues "Why the Catholic Church deals with social issues." I was impressed that people participated so eagerly.

 At 12:00, we all joined in the meal brought by those in attendance, as we enjoyed on another's sharing and happiness.

  It was such a nice family atmosphere.
 At 1:00, there was an introductiory class for catechumens conducted by Sr. Antoinette.



    As Seibo Kindergarten


 Once a week, abible class is held for parents of the kindergarteners.

 They focus on the questions for reflection found in bible "The Bible and Liturgy," a booklet with quotations from the Bible and Psalms which are read at the Sunday Mass.

 After that, all open their Bible and deepen their readings. Each of them experiences God in their heart. Sometimes they share with others listen the ideas they came up with, and address any questions. They also listen Sr. Antoinette's explanation. In such a way, time passes queckly.

 Once a month, Sr. Kondo also tells "God's Story" to the Kindergarteners, who listen closely with their eyes shining.

   Surrounded by God's blessings, the children grow with rich hearts.

 This was the intreduction of Sr. Antoinette Kondo's ministry.

 If you have a chance, please visit our Church. We are waiting for you.