Nepal Mission Report: "Letter from Nepal" (updated on May 25th, 2014)

"Please excuse my long silence. I am finaly liberated from the busy days of a new semester and I am at my desk after a long interval."
  S. Miriam Therese sent these opening words to her new Nepal Report.

"Change in government system at Bandipur"

 Bandipul village has now been recognized as an autonomous town. I wonder if this is really development. Seventy-two villages have recently become 'towns', bringing the total of new towns in Nepal to 130.
  Taxes have been raised with the explanation that the development of the town will in this way be promoted. But what about real life?

  We are in the middle of the dry season and suffering so much from a shortage of water and electricity. Recently, because of a forest fire in a wide-open space, many water pipes were burned and circulating pumps were broken. So the water supply to the village was halted for more than two weeks. We used the water stored in our tanks for meals and for dringing, but we didn't have any water for showers and laundry, so we had very hard time.
  Fortunately, the grade school and junior high school were in the midst of their spring break, so we didn't have to worry about water. But for the dorm students of 11th and 12th grades, for four days we had to buy tanks of water brought in from Pokhara and ather towns. In addition, bottles of fresh water had to carried in, so the cost for water jumped up to 60,000 rupees.

  The present life with electricity, telephone and computer is so convenient compared to that of 20 years ago, but we have frequent blackouts and there are many times without any water or telephone connections. We often feel this is really not an advanced country yet.

 Bandipur Notre Dame School Enrollment

We were blessed with many transferred students.
Ours Transfers
Junior Kindergarteners       44     3
Kindergarteners in middle class 44   3
Sinior Kindergarteners         80   3
1st graders          82    13
2nd graders         79    14      
3rd graders         63    12
4th graders         83    15
5th graders         70    14
6th graders         66    10
7th graders         39     5
8th graders         40     7
9th graders         34     4
10th graders        23     5
11th graders        53               
12th graders          38   
Total:     838     114

  Thanks to the contributions we have received from all of you, there are recipients of scholarships as well as those who can enjoy a full education at Notre Dame School while paying very little tuition. This means that Notre Dame School of Bandipur caters to the poor who can benefit from a good educational environment equally without worries of sexual and caste discrimination. So it is highly valued by the people in Nepal.

 News from our Preschool
 In the Setogras Preschool, we are struggling right now with the third phase of this transition. We started a campaign to help the people understand the importance of infant education in their foundational period. With the cooperation of the mothers, various activities were started. Secondly, when a neighborhood school run by the church was established, there was a movement to enroll children before they reached school age. However, it didn't work out well, so the children returned again to our Preschool.
  Thirdly, last year the government opened kindergartens in school to start formal edcation before the usual school age. These schools are without any tuition or duties, so at first the parents felt so happy to enroll their children in these government schools. We cooperated with them by inviting their teachers to workshops. The number of children in our Kindergartens decreased for a while, but this vear, there are more than 100 students here, just like before.

 We are sincerely grateful that - thanks to your support - we can work for the disadvantaged people in Nepal who are are left behind without education and materials. We ask that you please continue to support us in any way that you can.

Regular and ongoing support...1,000 yen per month(12,000yen per year)

Temporary support...anytime, any amount
                          Postal transfer account: 01030-3-59123
                          Name:   School Sisters of Notre Dame
                                  Nepal Support Office