Report of Nepal Mission "Letter from Nepal" (updated on September 5th,2014)

 Letter from Clinic, Part Ⅰ

Setogras Preschool, Clinic

  One year has passed in a flash.Graced and blessed by God, the children are growing healthily.
 The sounds of children's lively voices of can be heard... It's morning at the Clinic, which starts with the happiness of playing freely in footraces, jumping rope, playing with ropes. Each joyful day starts like this.

 If you come to the clinic on days it is open, you can see a heartwarming view.

 Fathers and mothers sit with their children and listen eagerly to the talk being given.

 The workshop of ten series received favorable reviews. Its theme was to study teaching materials and to plan for good results of child care with the cooperation of the parents. We asked for their cooperation in making nutritious snacks and clean environment.

 Thanks to the workshop, relationship with reighboring clinics were also deepened. Collaboration with people in the area and parents was also initiated. This was a fruitful year.

 We are deeply grateful that thanks to your support we can be of service to the people of Nepal who are neigher blessed materially nor with the benefits of education. On their behalf we ask for your continued support.

    Sister Miriam Terese Kanaya, SSND