School Sisters of Notre DameHouse of Prayer Bulletin Board  (updated on May 19th, 2015)

Report of the 2015 first Vocation Retreat

  This is the report of the first Vocation Retreat of 2015 held from Saturday, May 16th through Sunday, May17th.

  Smiles lit up the faces of the four participants who participated in the Retreat at the SSND Karasaki House of Prayer, and added to the plesant atmosphere and beautiful May weather.

  A student from China studying here joined the retreat for the first time. Among the other participants were two who had visited China. In a friendly spirit, all entered the time of silence and prayer.


Father Totsuka Yamauchi, Passionist, led the retreat.

Theme of this year was “Dedication.”

   The Subtitle was "Abandon your nets and follow me."

 Father Yamauchi asked the participants what ideas they thought might express the meaning of "dedication" as it is used in the Bible.

Dedication” means to connect with God.  It is a word that always includes God and the Bible.  It means to transcend this earth and connect with “heaven”.

The first lecture
The Gospel According to Luke (5:1-11)

  Peter's Vocation


Jesus himself chose Peter’s boat of to ride in.  The fishermen cast aside their own ideas and lowered their nets obeying the words of Jesus.

 To the deep self - awareness of Peter, “I am a sinful person”, Jesus answered

  “Do not be afraid.”

 Peter, who believed the words of Jesus, leave all behind everything, clinging only to Jesus.

“To read Bible carefully is to listen to God, to dialogue with God, in prayer.”


Looking at the quiet surface of the lake, the disciples started to dialogue quietly with God.  It was also a time for them to be away from daily life, and to recapture an obedient heart by trying to accept every aspect of daily life with love.

Mass of the Feast of the Ascension


The following words from Father Yamauchi’s Homily were very touching.

The “Ascension of Jesus” gave expression to “Jesus’ growing desire of belonging to heaven.” This desire was expressed when He appeared to the disciples after his resurrection: “I came from the Father and I go back again” to “be one with the Father.”

The apostles who were sent by Jesus drove out evil spirits, cured the sick, and accepted Jesus, present to them with his whole body.  The Ascension of Jesus conspires our attitudes who face God. 



The second lecture:
        The Gospel According to Luke (10:38-42)

This Gospel relates the story of Martha and her sister Mary.  It is not written to contrast them nor to criticize, pointing out which which of them is good or bad.
 They had invited Jesus, and he stayed with them.  Martha did not have to be disturbed.


But, the voice of Jesus sounds inside us, too, doesn’t it? 
“Why do you bother and let yourself be disturbed, though I am with you?”

 The four participants left the House of prayer with words of gratitude for the great time they had in quiet and prayer..


2015 Second Vocation Retreat 

Date and Time: From 1:00 pm Saturday, September 12th through 3:30 Sunday, 13th

Theme:  “Dedication”

Subtitle:  “Go to a remote place”

Place: Notre Dame Karasaki House of Prayer
Instructor: Father Totsuka Yamauchi, Passionist

 Target: Single Christian Women

 Price: \2,500

 Deadline for application: Saturday, September 5th

  We look forward to your participation.

     School Sisters of Notre Dame           Vocation Promotion Committee