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(updated on June 23, 2014)

     Report of 2014 Vocation Retreat #1

The first vacation retreat of this year was held from Saturday, June 14th through Sunday, 15th, with 7 participants. This time we welcome 2 new participants and 3 high school students. The retreat was started on a note of gratitud.

"Introduction of the School Sisters of Notre Dame"

 Neunburg, Germany, the place of the foundation in 1833 of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, was introduced.

 Father Totsuka Yamauchi, a Passionist priest, conducted the retreat. The theme of this year is "Lord, please speak. Your servant is listening." The subtitle of this first session was
"The Lord who speaks."

 Opening Talk: "Isaiah 42:18-25

    Because the people, Israel, though they were disobedient and calling down punishment upon themselves. Yet, God never abandoned His people, and called them "my servants" whom I have sent to show forth glory of God.
 Isaiah encouraged the people who did not seek God in times of blessing them them that both in times of prosperity and in times of abversity, God is with us. We must listen with our hearts for God's messages as He speaks to me through daily events, even though of we may even endure suffering in our prayer. Especially at these times, let us listen to what the heart of God is telling us.

 Our evening prayer on the vigil of "Trinity Sunday," June 15th, was a quiet time of prayer in preparation for the Feast itself.

 Through their loving relationship with God, all turned to the breath of the Holy Spirit that flows into the soul of each person.

 In quiet prayer and reflection, a holy time was spent.


  Second Talk: "Luke 8:13-48"
  The story of the woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for 12 years was then taken up. It was the account of the encounter with Jesus and this poor woman, so tired of living and fighting her illness for such a long time. The woman, who had been seeking help so earnestly and was so tired of living in loneliness and suffering, touched the hem of Jesus' garment. Immediately her illness was cured. For Jesus, the power sent out from him was not primarily to cure her illness but to save her. She received an amazing grace through her faith by staying with Jesus. He called her "daughter"-truly, a "child of God."


 Father stressed the necessity of staying in silence and prayer in order to listen deeply to God.


"I was happy to taste the word of God, to reflect on the events in school and at home, and also to look deep inside myself while in a state and place of quiet."
We are grateful to those who were willing to share their thoughts and reflections.



  This year's schedule
 "Lord, please speak. Your servant is listening."
(Notre Dame - Our Lady, Mother Mary)                              Leader:Father Totsuka Yamauchi(Passionist)

  2 Saturday, September 13th Sunday, 14th
       "I, a listener"

  3  Saturday, November8th-Sunday, 9th
       "To love and to forgive one another"

  4 Saturday, February14th-Sunday,15th
       "To live, to pray"                   

            We look forward to your participation          
                          From the Vocation Committee