"Mensore!"(Greetings) from the Nago community in Okinawa        June 4th, 2014   

How are you, Everyone?

     We are in the Middle of the rainy season in Nago right now. These midsummer days with their high temperatures of 28 degrees C. continue every day (=about 86 degrees F.) But the fresh breezes from the sea blow gently and refresh us.

  The picture on the left shows us when we went to the Lily Festival on Ie Island. The fragrance of the many lilies permeated the entire island.

  Thankfully, we members of the Nago community are all fine.

   S. Clare is in charge of the Tsubomi Class (i.e., the flower buds") made up of those little ones before they actually enter Kindergarten and in the "child care" classes.

 She gives a Montessori workshop once a month for the mothers, explaining everything clearly using concrete examples. This workshop enjoys a favorable review by everyone.

 S. Maria is working hard taking on various responsibilities energetically. She is an assistant teacher in the mornings, when she takes care of children who are in need of extra help. Twice a week, she conducts classes for those in the middle grades.

 Also, she is in charge of liturgy at the Nago Catholic Church and at St. Xavier Church in Airakuen, the name of the colony of those recovering from Hansen's Desease, where S. Maria serves as an organist.

 The Nago Catholic church recently welcomed a new priest, Fr. Joseph Bui, a Vietnamese who arrived after Easter. Fr. Joseph Bui is also in charge of vocations in the Naha Diocese.

 We have Mass every Friday at 7:30 p.m., followed by Benediction and quiet time for meditation. Our prayer is especially for vocations.
 The weekday Mass is at 6:30 a.m. every mornig, after which we chant the Office from the Christian Prayer Book together.

 On Sundays, we have 8:00 a.m. Mass at the St. Xavier Church in Airakuen. Nago Catholic Church has Mass at 10:00 a.m.

 S. Mary, who arrived in April is finishing her first year as Director of Star of the Sea Kindergarten. She has eagerly initiated a number of activities with the support of those around her.
 S. Mary wonders if she is truly "blowing a new spirit" into the Kindergarten.

We, the community of Nago, enjoy our work with the people of Nago. It is truly a great joy to be here and to serve the little children whom Jesus loved so much.

 We are grateful to be close to the people upon whom Jesus always looked lovingly, who cared for those in need of help, and offered Himself in service to them.

 We continue to pray for all of you and for the world.
                 S. Clare Obara
                 S. Maria Saito
                 S. Mary Tokunaga